The Dark Curse – Episode: 01

Deep in thoughts about how to sell the property, Ashish was absently scribbling on his book, in the small office in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, when Kamlesh broke his reverie with “I think you should warn the prospective clients about the ridiculous curse. It is not right to keep them in dark about it”. “What curse?” Ashish asked, shaken out of his reverie. “Everyone knows about it”, replied Kamlesh. “Why? Yesterday when I was in the pub along with the other property dealers, it was discussed. As per the story, the owner of the house, jilted his African princess girlfriend after taking all her wealth, moved to India, married, bought this house and settled down. The African lady died while delivering his baby, but not before she cursed him and everything he bought with her wealth. Why, his wife and he died quite painfully – he was bedridden for many years. I think that is the reason why the son and daughter want to sell it off in a hurry; they probably know something about the curse for sure.” “But the son and the daughter are settled in the US for more than forty years now.” Retorted Ashish. “Yeah, that does not mean they would not know”, replied Kamlesh; besides, if the whole world is talking about it, sooner or later the customers are bound to know. It would show us on a poor light, if they come to know from outsiders that we are trying to sell a cursed haunted house to them”.

“Look where your dumb honesty policy has landed us up; what is the reason to tell them about the curse?” Ashish said, with an angry grimace. The duo were taking a train back from VT after the fifth buyer backed off from buying the beautiful house, in a posh area, stone throw away from ferry wharf. “I didn’t volunteer this time, they asked me the question about the curse, themselves; how could I lie to them?” Kamlesh retorted. “Yeah,” sighed Ashish sadly, “now, no one is willing to buy the house, despite the owners willing to sell it at less than half the market price. To add to the woes, thanks to the new demonetization, cash transactions also are on an all-time low”.  “I will buy it”, Kamlesh said suddenly. “My wife’s father recently bequeathed a lot of money to her. I will buy this house, with her savings, in her name. I will then begin living in it, so that people would forget about the curse in a due course; then I will try to sell it; if no one buys, I will keep it for myself”. Ashish looked at him to see if he was kidding, but Kamlesh was deadpan serious!!

To be continued….


About The Author


Sarita Tirumala has held various senior positions in the corporate world. She has been writing from a long time and also authored a book – Maya. In her free time she likes to mentor underprivileged children, besides volunteering for many charitable institutions.


At ZorSeBolo, she plays the role of the Nitpicky Crone, who works too fast for her age and writes about fictional and real lives at a supersonic speed. She strongly believes in perfection and pushes everyone including herself towards it. 

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