The Dark Curse – Episode 02

The deal got completed quickly, Kamlesh bought the house at a throw-away cost. The US settled owners, were in a hurry to sell it off, as they had to close the deal and get back to their retired lives in the US.

Previously in ‘The Dark Curse’ : Deep in thoughts about how to sell the property, Ashish was absently scribbling on his book, in the small office in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, when Kamlesh broke his reverie with …

Less than a month later, Kamlesh and his wife moved into the house, after a short prayer. Three months passed blissfully. Kamlesh took a huge life insurance policy on his name. “I have spent all your money, he told his wife. I want you to be really happy, if anything happens to me”. As a return gesture, his wife also took a huge insurance in her name, with Kamlesh as the nominee.

Then one day, Ashish got a frantic call from Kamlesh’s wife. “Ashish bhaiyya”, she wailed, her voice unrecognizably thick, “I just discovered that Kamlesh is in a relationship with another woman and is secretly living with her in a flat in Seawoods”. She did not listen to Ashish’s assurances that there was nothing of that sort and that Kamlesh was totally devoted to her.

After that day, the calls kept coming on and off; they always came, when Kamlesh was away and Ashish was alone in the office. Ashish started getting suspicious; “there is no smoke without a fire”, he felt. A month after the first call, after cutting the fifteenth frantic call from Kamlesh’s wife, where she wailed that she was so unhappy that she wanted to kill herself, Ashish decided to check with Kamlesh on the facts. Kamlesh’s response made Ashish feel ashamed of himself for suspecting his partner. “I have bought a property in Seawoods”, said Kamlesh, “but it is in my wife’s name. I got a buyer for the accursed house. He is willing to pay 1.2 times the amount I bought it for. He has already paid 75%, the registration happened yesterday. They will pay the remaining 25% when I hand the key over to them, the coming Monday. I used 50% of that money to buy one property here at Seawoods. I did not tell you or anyone, as I wanted it to be a surprise. Moreover, I could not risk any loose conversations about the curse with the buyer, till the registration got completed. One attempt at honesty and I almost lost my wife’s inheritance and her peace of mind. The house does have its issues; my wife has been acting strangely, ever since we moved in there. Wait till I show the property to you, next week.”

Friday afternoon at 5:20 PM, when Kamlesh was out, looking at prospective properties in Uran, the new upcoming port area, another frantic phone call came from his wife to Ashish. “Bhaiyya, I am going to kill myself; I am sure he is in a relationship. Now you also are siding him with some story or the other.. I am left with no option but to kill myself”. Requesting her to calm down, Ashish dialled his Kamlesh’s number. Kamlesh requested Ashish to take the train and rush to their house. “It will take me more than an hour to reach the Seawoods station from here. Let us not waste any time. God! I never should have bought that accursed property in the first place”, he added frantically.

To be continued…


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