The Dark Curse – Episode 03

An hour and forty minutes later, Ashish got down from the train at dockyard road station, took an auto, reached the house, rang the door-bell and waited.

Previously in ‘The Dark Curse’ :The deal got completed quickly, Kamlesh bought the house at a throw-away cost. The US settled owners, were in a hurry to sell it off..

There was no response. After twenty minutes of frantic bell pealing, Ashish called Kamlesh. Kamlesh told him to wait as he would be there shortly. Half an hour later, Kamlesh reached the house, got down from a taxi, looking all yellow. He reached out for his wallet as if in great pain but collapsed right there, instead.

Ashish ran towards him; the taxi driver also came out of the car, to help. They found Kamlesh gasping for breath and choking. The duo carried him to the front door, laid him on the ground. Kamlesh gave no response to Ashish’s request for the house key. The taxi driver checked his pulse and said, “Sir,I think he is dead!!”

The cops arrived in less than ten minutes. They checked Kamlesh’s for his pulse and asked routine questions about where he got into the cab etc. Gloves in hand, they reached out to his pockets, fished out the keys and opened the door. They found that the drawing room was totally empty, except for Kamlesh’s wife. She was slumped on the sofa, obviously dead. There was an intravenous syringe next to her right hand, on the sofa and a small piece of paper in her left hand; the note simply said “I could not” There was a glass with some residual coke in it, a vial of poison and a key to the houseon the centre table, in front of her. “Seems like a suicide”, said the senior most of the cops, “Let me call the experts. Please wait here and don’t touch anything”, he added.

Fifteen minutes later, the team of experts, led byMr Khanna, a well-known senior officer, landed up at the house. They checked both the bodies. They captured all the required photographs and fingerprints, before dispatching both the bodies for post-mortem. Mr Khanna then took the custody of both the house keys, checked with Ashish if he was aware of any other key and asked Ashish and the taxi driver to follow him to the police station for recording their statements.

The taxi driver’s statement was straight forward as well. Kamlesh hired him through an online application at dockyard road station, the ride was very short. Kamlesh seemed agitated and in great pain during that ride, but did not answer clearly when the driver asked him what the issue was. He reached the location, stopped the trip and was about to collect his payment, when the man collapsed.

Mr Khanna got his statement recorded along with the lengthy one of Ashish about the events over the last few months, before letting them leave, with a warning that they should not leave town, as he might need them for further investigation.

A day later, the results of the post-mortem and fingerprint analysis came; Kamlesh’s wife had died of poison that was injected intravenously; but there was also some sedative in her system. The residual cola in the glass contained the sedative. It was almost as if, she was drugged and semiconscious when the poison was injected. Kamlesh’s body yielded a surprise. They found a small stiletto embedded on his left. It had pierced his stomach. There was a bandage tightly wrapped around his midsection, preventing the knife from moving and the blood from gushing out. However, it seemed as if there was a futile attempt made to pull the knife out, causing the hole in the stomach to start spewing its acidic contents into his system, internally, thus killing Kamlesh slowly and painfully in a duration of little over an hour. The only finger prints on the knife were those of Kamlesh and his wife. The injection and the stab wound seemed to have happened at exactly the same time!! Parallel murder? Parallel suicide? A curse come true??

To be continued…


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