How your present is shaping your future

I know you have many dreams. I also know you are living with many unfulfilled wishes and regrets. The past is disturbing you and the future is full of uncertainty. Everything seems hazy and you feel like you will never get what you want. Life is apparently behaving like a partial professor difficult to please. You feel you cannot convince the world of what you want and you slowly see yourself getting helpless each day.

Let me tell you my friend all these thoughts are just an illusion and only have control over you just because you let them have control over you. It is high time you scream “Enough!!” and take charge of your future in the present.

Why do I stress on taking charge in the present? It is because your present is the most powerful resource available in your hand. You need to realize how powerful this resource is. Let me tell you a secret, the way you are handling your present is indirectly shaping your future. If you feel you are a loser today, you are creating the same image of yourself in your future. If you feel you are incapable today, you are slowly strengthening your incapability in your future. You cannot blame the past because it has already passed away. The only one to blame is yourself because it is you who do not trust yourself enough to achieve what you want to do. But I also know you are not doing this on purpose. I know you want to take charge of your life and have an amazing future. The question here is what steps would you take in your present to shape your future?

Let us have a look at few simple but very effective steps that would help you create a beautiful future for yourself:

1. Let go off all the toxic habits that are destroying your happiness.

Stop pleasing everyone around and accommodating every time; stop the resulting self-deprecation and let go off every habit of yours that is detrimental to your happiness. Believe me, if you don’t fight for your happiness, nobody else will.

2. Sleep with positive thoughts

Each night, try closing your eyes and living the moment you desire and see the positive vibes it sends to universe. The pleasure you will get imagining yourself fulfill your dreams will only re affirm your faith in your ambitions.

3. Value the time in hand

Yes this moment is not going to comeback even if you bribe it with all the wealth in the world. Make sure you are treating it well. Utilize it to the most and it will not let you down.

4. Show compassion

All the positivity in life begins when you show compassion towards yourself and others around. It will not only help you feel good but also act as investment to a happier future.

5. Have strong will

You cannot afford to miss this one. Each day, pray to God to keep you strong-willed and you too work on yourself to keep your will firm. Life will test you in different ways; make sure your will power is charged enough to keep you working.

This week let us try to reshape our present into a beautiful future. Wishing you a prosperous week ahead

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Anam is a Software Engineering Professional with a Masters in Applied Psychology/Counselling. She loves writing and is very passionate about public speaking. She aspires to be a motivational speaker and a life coach.

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