How To Deal With A Tough Client

In a service based industry, not everything is going to be a bed of roses. While some of us may be privileged to experience working with amazing clients, others may have to deal with tougher customers and few others with intolerable and over demanding clients. Do you find yourself dealing with an excessively demanding client to the extent that it is taking a toll on your personal life and happiness? Well, you could have a look at the few tips below that could help allay your ordeal.

1. Keep it real

Saying a “yes” to every demand of the client will only create unwanted pressure and internal unrest in the team. It is necessary to acknowledge that there are certain expectations that are unrealistic and it is necessary to not think before committing anything to the client.

2. Come across as a team in case of a difficulty

It is very necessary to be there for each other as a team during a difficult situation. Working and supporting each other as a team during an emergency will not only strengthen the intra team relation but also add value to your relationship with the client.

3. Maintain proper processes

Keep the requirements clear and maintain the process accordingly. Document all your approaches well in order to showcase them in case anything goes wrong anytime. Also focus on what the client wants and how you could give that to them along with being rewarded.

4. Keep members with strong communication skills onshore

Onsite members who have strong communication skills should be considered as ambassadors of the project at client location. Also a strong and healthy coordination between the onshore and offshore will keep things right.

5. Don’t take things personally

Finally it is important to understand that whatever happens professionally should not take a heavy toll on your personal happiness. One works for their happiness and wellbeing. Don’t let the office stress damage your personal happiness.
This week let us try strengthening our relationships with our clients using the above tips and see the magic happening
-Happy living

Anam is a Software Engineering Professional with a Masters in Applied Psychology/Counselling. She loves writing and is very passionate about public speaking. She aspires to be a motivational speaker and a life coach.

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