Chai Chronicles

Chai (Tea), an instant relief to the working minds, is undeniably one of the major pillars of the corporate world. It won’t be an overstatement to say that in the corporate world chai is as important as an email box or a desktop or a notepad. A day without a cup of chai in office is something unimaginable; for many people the day will just not dawn. While not everyone is used to drinking this hot beverage at work, most of the people working in the corporate world get used to it in due course and eventually end-up admiring it forever.

There are many reasons for this romanticism towards chai. Perhaps it provides the easiest remedy for the work stress. Developers who have a brainstorming work of coding need chai to grease their clogged brains, managers need a chai break to help them crack the whip while the operations people need chai to fuel their operations. Other times it is just a good reason to bring people together at work: Chaitime, a breeding ground for gossip and fun at work.

Chai Chronicles by zorsebolo - Image Source: Internet
Chai Chronicles by zorsebolo – Image Source: Internet

Chai comes with many other supplements. Chai with Aloo Paratha or Pakode rules the roast, chai with snacks and biscuit is still reasonable and chai with a cigarette is something unreasonably popular. Also known as chai-sutta, this famous combination has many admirers in the corporate world. And only those addicted to this deadly combo can attest to its ecstasy. This group of chai-admirers can be spotted at any Chai-Tapri (Kiosks) outside office campuses. They are the top worshipers of chai followed by the chai freaks who have this obsession of consuming chai at work – one in the morning, one between lunch and breakfast and one compulsorily after lunch. And then we also have the health conscious people sipping green tea, mild version and healthy version of chai.

Talking of the chai, weather and location of a place plays a major role.  Whenever it is raining, the first thing that comes to an Indian mind is chai with hot Pakode. That is the unwritten rule.  Location is equally important. While working abroad, where there is a serious dearth of proper tea stalls, people crave to have a proper cup of chai – the authentic Indian version. Within the country, North India is the best place for chai, with Mumbai having its own special cutting version. South India is known more for the filter coffee.

Now whether chai is more prominent at work or coffee is something that is debatable, much like the debate between chicken biryani and veg biryani; you know what I mean.

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Abdul Wajid , a Software Engineering Professional, works as a programmer during the day and later seeks refuge in writing. He believes that while one can create almost anything using coding, writing can create absolutely everything.


Here at ZorseBolo, he plays the role of Nosey Parker who keenly observes people at work and then captures them in his satirical writing – The corporate Satire.