Top 5 Shoes Every Working Woman Must Have

Many of you girls out there must already have more than 20 pair of shoes in your closet. But why is it then that you just cannot find the right pair that perfectly matches the dress and the occasion?
Simply because while we are on a shopping spree, we ignore the basic and most important rule of wardrobe shopping i.e. to buy shoes that will go well with most of the occasions and dresses and not just few. It’s a well-known fact that clothes go out of trend at much faster pace than shoes. So it’s important to shop wisely when it comes to shoes, and we are here to help you with exactly that.

Here we bring to you the 5 must have shoes for every woman:

1. Black Pumps

If you were allowed to own only one pair of shoe in the world, this must be it. This goes well with almost anything and everything. This is indeed the most versatile shoe ever.

2. Ballet Flats

These are the most comfortable shoes that you can have in your collection and goes very well with both formal and casual wear. The shades recommended is classic grey, but you can pick the one you like, here choices are many.

3. Casual Sneakers

Apart from being one of the most comfortable shoes, the casual sneaker is your best pick when you don’t know what other shoes to wear. 99% of the time, they will match with whatever you have on at the moment.



4. Chelsea boots

Like they say boots are for every occasion, be it party or office, these  will never disappoint, they are elegant and classy. A must have in your wardrobe; we recommend the ones with elevated heels.


5. Cut out heels

These heels look amazing and are an epitome of fashion; they generally falls in the cool and funky side of high heels. They go excellently with all kinds of outfit and you should buy one right now.