Untold Stories From The Corporate World

About Us

Zor Se Bolo, that roughly translates to "Say It Aloud", is an online corporate weekly that brings to you the untold stories from the corporate world. It is the perfect place to break out, a refuge from the mundane office life and those unrealistic deadlines; just like the much needed coffee break.
We publish every Monday the witty Corporate Satire, seriocomical Cartoons, Top-x solutions, How-To answers, journal of the Corporate Wife, motivational Awesome Mondays, inspiring Self Help posts, thrilling To-be-continued stories and nothing to which you cannot relate.

Our Exclusives


No, you guessed it wrong; this is not an X rated blog post. This is to-the-point, short and impulsive section where we present the top solutions to the most common problems.
It was actually invented to make you a macho man.

Corporate Satire

Did they tell you that someone wrote a story about you. Not just that, it is available online, right here, tossed in the spicy sauce of humor and garnished with freshly chopped wit.


If a picture is worth thousand words, a cartoon they say, weighs thousand pictures.
You don't believe us? Come and see by yourself.

Corporate Wife

She is the wife of someone who works in the corporate world. As her husband is away, chasing the corporate life, she is busy turning his house into home.
Having sat on both sides of the corporate fence, she strips the typical high flying corporate job of its glamour and writes an unbiased and brutally honest view of the reality back home. She is 'The Corporate Wife'.

How To ?

How to do this and how to do that. There are many common things which we don't know how exactly to do. This section is going to teach you how to do certain things in easy steps. Here we won't be teaching you how to code but will teach you everything else.

Awesome Mondays

Comes packed with the right motivational mantras to help you stop looking at the five-day working week as a painful period between two kickass weekends.
It keeps you going, at least till the afternoon.

Self Help

Good appraisal remarks and your annual bonus are not the only motivations to work. This magical section will help you find the right motivation to make you love what you are doing at work.
It is a Free Gyan.

To Be Continued...

Are you Serialohlic?
One who is addicted to the to-be-continued stories. Have you watched Game Of Thrones or alike, and craved to know what happened next?
This is exactly the same where we bring episode-based stories - tales of love, mystery, suspense and curiosity.
Are you curious enough?

We bring to you - "untold stories from the corporate world."

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