Submission Guidelines And Terms

To make submissions, kindly email your work along with your brief bio to contact@zorsebolo.comPlease note that while we read every pitch we receive, we are unable to respond to each one. 

Submission Terms & Conditions

  • The submissions must be an original work of the contributor and should not be a copy/extract of someone else’s work.
  • The contributor by submitting his/her work to Zor Se Bolo, authorizes Zor Se Bolo to select or reject their contributions, and/or edit wherever necessary.
  • For any submission that gets published on Zor Se Bolo, the print/online publication copyright for the same remains with the author. However whenever the author decides to print/publish the same work anywhere else apart from Zor Se Bolo, he/she will be required to giveĀ appropriate credit to Zor Se Bolo saying: “This work was first published on Zor Se Bolo” (with a proper link to the same work published on
  • The contributor will be solely responsible for his/her own submission; Zor Se Bolo does in no way check the content for infringing someone else’s copyright. If anyone brings a claim against Zor Se Bolo related to any of your submission on Zor Se Bolo, you will indemnify and hold Zor Se Bolo harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (inclusing legal fees and costs) related to such claim.
  • Zor Se Bolo does not warrant any immunity against plagiarism. Any disputes arising between the contributor and any other party related to copyright violations (on either side) will be resolved without Zor Se Bolo being involved as a party to dispute.

Guidelines Per Section

  • Submission for the Corporate Satire section should not exceed more than 700 words and should be specific to the day to day happenings in the corporate world.
  • Submissions for the ‘To be Continued’ section should not be more than 500 words per episode and the author will be required to submit the entire series, which should not extend beyond 4 episodes.
  • For the Top-X section, authors may contribute with 5-10, noteworthy solutions or recommendations to any problem or issue; in not more than 400 words.
  • To familiarize yourself with our various sections and the contents and style of each one, please see our previously published pieces.